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We provide customers with quality products as guaranteed by the new technologies and new processes at home and abroad absorbed and referenced constantly by our company. We have gradually been based on the markets at home and abroad. The company wholeheartedly provides customer service based on what customers think. All the staffs sincerely welcome new and regular customers to come and guide.

  • The Panasonic Clutch

    The Panasonic Clutch

    Overview of the panasonic clutch It's a very important part of the fully automated washing machine, and the user can configure the big wheel, the high...

  • The Deceleration Clutch

    The Deceleration Clutch

    An overview of the deceleration clutch on Haier washing machine The deceleration clutch of haier washing machine is the main part of the haier type...

  • Daewoo Washing Machine Clutch

    Daewoo Washing Machine Clutch

    Washing normal, can not dehydrate several reasons: Daewoo washing machine clutch is one of the washing machine parts. ● the electromagnet is good, but the...

  • Clutch For Daewoo

    Clutch For Daewoo

    Remove the automatic washing machine clutch method Clutch for Daewoo is one of the components of the washing machine parts. (1) screw down the fastening...

  • Clutch For Ge Washing Machine

    Clutch For Ge Washing Machine

    The function of the washing machine clutch The clutch of a washing machine is actually a deceleration mechanism of a planetary gear, also known as a...

  • Washing Machine Spin Clutch

    Washing Machine Spin Clutch

    LG washer clutch What are the reasons for the clutch not washing ,You can solve this problem for several reasons 1. Check whether there is electricity in...



Wuxi Xindu Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is located on the bank of Taihu Lake - Binhu district, Wuxi city. With a beautiful environment and convenient transportation, the company specializes in producing and processing automatic washing machine clutches and all kinds of household electrical appliance accessories such as clutch, brake wheel and dehydration shaft, with annual production of 400,000-600,000 units.

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The Production Process Of Copper Powder

The Production Process Of Copper Powder​The electrolytic copper powder, low bulk density of water atomized copper powder and the production process of imitation gold copper alloy powder...